• He Calls her the Womanizer

    It started with a Look.

    A glimpse at her voluptuous body gyrating as she walked pass him in her skin-tight leather dress, he paused for air as he allowed his brain both upper and lower to register her beauty. As he awkwardly tried to compose himself she looked his way and their eyes locked, for a second that felt like forever.

    Finally, he worked up the courage to approach her, smiling all the while. He reached her side and with somewhat of a shy, yet subtly boldness he reach his hand up apologetically tracing the lining of her arm. She eyeball him as if the say what the fuck, but her loins started to throb creating instant moisture between her thighs.

    She looked up at him with a smile in her eyes, and introduced herself, but before she realized they were back at her loft ripping each other clothing off. He lifted her in his thick, muscular arms laying her across the dinning room table. Spreading her leg apart he whispered ‘Dinner time’, hummmm she exhaled as he took his index finger and began to flicker her clitoris while staring directly into her eyes getting the approval her needed.

    It started with a soft wetness directly on her clitoris, his tongue gently circling the inner linings of her walls taking in her moisture, stroking her inner canal with his hard, rough tongue. With her hands, she grabbed his head keeping it in place as he suck on her lips with pure satisfaction and joy. The heat of his breath felt so warm, causing her body to convulse wanting more, she released him allowing her angular legs to fall completely to the side.

    Gyrating his tongue  in a circular motion inside of her walls, he made sure to keep his eye focused directly on her eye as he grabbed her hips pulling her closer in order to salvage in her sweet pussy. He sucked on her clitoris hard and slow, allowing his index finger to slip into her walls in a rhythmic motion the  dual pleasure sending trimmers along her thighs causing a tightness around her walls, which created a pulsating rush in her lower canal. She grabbed the edge of the dinner room table and with a pleasurable rush, tears poured down her cheeks as she began to climax. As she relaxed her body and opened her eyes it dawned on her that she was alone and something cold pressed against her leg, laughing she exhaled “The WOMANIZER”

  • Toys Do Talk Back

    Let’s Talk about Sex!

    When it comes to the topic of sex, many of us are quite timid. I say, let loose and treat it as that thing you are excited to check off your bucket list. At toysdotalkback.com we believe that sex is something that is fun and liberating, especially when done right.

    I would like to use this forum in order to talk openly about the do’s and don’t of sex, and all the crazy adventures we’ve experienced or even looking forward to achieve.

    I have attached an article by shape magazine, that may be beneficial to some. It discusses some bedroom benefits that may come along from having clitoral orgasms.

    YESSSSS! Let us explore and discover the joys of a meaningful orgasm, and feel free to let me know what you all think of the article.